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Long-term storage for recreational vehicles is not easy to come by considering most communities forbid it and most off-site storage tends to be very expensive. Leaving your trailer or boat outdoors or at home can increase the risk for break-ins or weather damage and can cause wear and tear to your driveway. A large motor home may weigh as much as 30,000 pounds; your driveway isn’t built to sustain that amount of weight, especially over long periods. Camp-R-Cruise is a reputable, secure, and affordable facility for your boat or trailer. Our facilities are gated with restricted digital access so the facility managers know who accessed the property and when. And while your kids may know better than to climb on the boat or trailer sitting in your driveway, other curious children in the neighborhood may not always share the same level of common sense and respect; and as a result, the outcome could be tragic. If you’re looking for secure storage for your trailer or boat, Camp-R-Cruise has a convenient boat and trailer storage sight in Waterford, MI. It’s well-lit, securely fenced, and monitored 24-7. You can access it anytime through our secure entrance. Call (248) 681-5682 to learn more about availability and affordable storage rates.

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Boat and Trailer Winterizing and Storage - Starting at $600

Camp-R-Cruise can come to your home, pick up your boat or trailer, shrinkwrap any size, and store it for the winter season. Our lot is gated and monitored 24/7, ensuring secured storage for your boat during the winter.

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Pontoon Boat Hauling Services $90.00

Whether you’re taking your boat out during the season or need it transported to our storage facilities, Camp-R-Cruise is here for you. Let us help you get your boat where it needs to go!

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Hitch Rentals

If you need to rent a hitch that is adaptable to any type, size, make, and model of vehicle, get in touch with us at Gateway RV Rentals.
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Generator Rentals

Contact Gateway RV Rentals in Mesa, AZ, for a generator rental in Mesa and surrounding Arizona areas.

Jetski Rentals

We provide jetski rentals for any length of time. Whether you are looking for a one-day jetski rental or a week-long rental, we would be happy to assist you.




Pontoon Boat Hauling Services Whether you are in need of taking your pontoon boat out for the season, we can help you get your boat where it needs to go. Our lot is gated and monitored 24/7, ensuring a safe storage your boat during the winter.